Dear Icarus


The clouds have parted
What is in sight
Is just the big bulb of light
Dear Icarus,
Remember this roof
Remember the grind
Take off, go on
But keep in mind
That if you get too close
You’ll lose your flight





They are so vivid

Yet so inaccurate

So distant

Yet so easy to recapitulate.

I am thankful for the knowledge

That they aren’t always facts

What worked out or what didn’t

It isn’t a sum of parts.

And when I go back to reminisce

I do not wish to go back

Or live them again

But only to appreciate

That they shaped who I am today.



Rushing, grooving,

Seeking the truth,

Swaying lightly,

Gulping our youth.

We can create a wonder,

You and I, together,

Up against this world,

We’re stardust and thunder.

Speak to us these starry nights:

Fire needs air to survive,

And when the forces unite,

Air will rise to whole new heights.

Written in a hurry, when things seemed a little less blurry…




Always by the book

Never by hook or crook

Flipping the cards I was dealt

Giving it all it took

Then you came along

On the sail

Across this little brook

And I know

That I can go on

Even without you

But let this time be

Let us wait and see

For this time

I can finally breathe

Page Two.


Too good to let go

Too true to last

Too real to take slow

Too broken by the past

Muddled heads, sans strings

Sore feet, soaring wings

No north star, no mast

Ah, it’s the same old¬†playlist

Of our time together

Of passionate fools

Looking for rabbits in our hats


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Grew up without hugs

Collected books and mugs

Lived with tags

“Mature” “selfish” “unattached”

Never stopping to relax…

Oh, what an oddity now

That I can let loose

Oh, what a confusion now

That I trust you

Oh, what a wonder now

That you inspire the good in me

Oh, what a mystery now

That I don’t feel empty

Oh, what a relief now

That we can both be kids

Oh, what a twist now

That it fits.

Page One.


Play, pause, rewind,
I’m okay here,
With you by my side
For good souls are hard to find
I’m safe, sound, drinking sunshine,
While you squint, close your eyes,
Then stare right back into mine
A friend to hold,
A tale to unfold,
And you don’t realise
That I see a blank page
With my words all tied…